Lithium batteries warning

Do you ship Lithium batteries? We do!!!

Lithium batteries are a shipping hassle these days. Many changes to the regulations in the last 12 months, coupled with many devices essential to doing business containing Lithium batteries make it a difficult task to get them shipped. What’s the difference between lithium ion and lithium metal batteries? Are lithium batteries contained within a device treated the same as lithium batteries shipped on their own? What packaging and labelling requirements are there for airfreight or ocean freight?

These questions can be daunting when you need to get devices or batteries shipped quickly. LRI to the rescue…..LRI has certified staff available to guide you every step of the way on your lithium battery shipments. Furthermore, LRI is certified to ship all classes of dangerous goods including explosives, radioactive material and toxic material. We also have 9 warehouses in the USA, 4 in Canada and 2 in Mexico to handle your cargo and make sure it is declared, packaged, labelled, marked, documented and shipped according to Federal and International regulations. Please contact us at LRI today to take the hassle and worry out of shipping lithium batteries and other dangerous goods.