LRI 3PL Services – Case Study

Did you know that LRI provides 3PL warehouse services in nine locations in the USA?

What are 3PL services? Third party logistics services (3PL) are inventory management services provided by a third party. The services can include storage of raw materials or finished goods, inventory counting services, distribution of orders with deliveries to the final customer, pick and pack  services, crating or other re-packing, and customized handling of products at the direction of the customer. Our warehouse becomes an extension of our customer’s operations.

In a recent example, LRI had a customer exporting a large order to Saudi Arabia. LRI picked up the order and brought it to our Franklin Park, IL warehouse. We stored the order for approximately 3 weeks until our customer was paid for the goods. The order then had to pass an Intertek inspection before being exported through LRI’s ocean freight service to the port of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

During the inspection it was discovered that the electrical cords shipped with the product had the wrong electrical characteristics and the boxes did not have Arabic labeling on them. Our customer was considering bringing the entire order back to their facility (2×40′ containers worth of cargo!) to fix these issues which would have put the order behind the required delivery schedule in Saudi Arabia. LRI offered our 3PL services to receive the new cords and labels at our warehouse and systematically open each box to replace the cord and label over 200 units. A new Intertek inspection was scheduled at our LRI warehouse and the order was approved by the independent inspector. It was then loaded into ocean containers by LRI and shipped to Saudi Arabia on time! See pictures to the right that show the steps taken on this project.

LRI wants to help your company manage your inventory, assemble products at our facilities, give you valuable warehouse space with no long term commitment, and get your goods to you or your customer on time with less handling. Why not consider contacting LRI for a customized quote for your storage, distribution, packing or assembly needs today? Our warehouses are customs bonded and TSA/C-TPAT approved with the highest security standards in our industry.