Mid-Autumn Festival in China – October 2-8 – All Chinese Freight Operations Halted

The Mid-Autumn Festival in China takes place next week from October 2 – October 8. The week long holiday celebrates the Harvest Festival and traces its roots back over 3000 years to the Zhou Dynasty and then the Tang Dynasty. The holiday began as a week-long worship of the moon with the traditional exchange of moon cakes which are a delicacy originally used to decorate incense burners used by the Chinese Emperors in their worship of the moon.

During the Mid-Autumn Festival air and ocean freight operations as well as Chinese Customs and all businesses are closed! Any cargo not shipped out of China, or delivered in China by September 29 will sit until October 9 and incur storage. Please contact us at LRI to discuss any shipment to/from China during the first week of October.